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November 03, 2013


gayle gibbons

love the typewriter. I have an olymic, brown typewriter, in perfect condition. love it


All great! Text me a price on the flag, natch!

fonda rush

your typewriter doesn't have the "en-ya", y'know the "N" with the tilde-thing
"~" above it!

fonda rush

love the risque mugs and your "interpretations" of the teen-age book pictures! what a hoot!


Oh thank god! I was getting sooo sad with you all taking on New England for months on end :) Guess I just suck though for not thinking of checking fb. Sheesh, I AM a dinosaur.... loved the dude in the bathtub explanation though, that's how I would have interpreted those graphics!


These are all really fun pieces! Thank you for this vintage post!

www.ananasa.com- Home For Handmade


I can't stop giggling--I just LOVE what they need to do in emergency situations--what a HOOT!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Melissa's Antiques

I follow you on Facebook too, but your blog posts always put a major smile on my face! Please get back to more of your blogging antics! :)


That book! What a riot! And that roller skate case is so cool. I love all the stickers!


I love those mugs. Jealous!


I am a South African also obsessed with Vintage. I love the things you have found, the books and the funny things they say!


Another great interview! Thanks, I love these! Trust your gut, I heard it over and over...

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