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March 04, 2013


Maryellen Rorke

OMG. The apple (or acorn) (or butternut squash) doesn't fall far from the tree. Fiona, you a definitely an offspring of your mother and aunts (and uncle) (and Dad). Love your sense of humor!!!
Aunt Maryellen

Cristi Edwards

That was hilarious! Loved it!


Y'all are a "hoot". Makes me wish I had a niece to get silly with. thank Fiona, too

Megan M

Great job Fiona!


Wow!! What a review...so informative!! She has a future in publishing!

Teresa Kennedy

Fiona, I loved it! WIll show it to Hannah when she gets home!


Fantastic fashion and beauty advice... and so well reviewed but such a talented young writer!

Agreed on the whole 'vintage' label for anything 1968 on up... if I LIVED it, it can't be vintage yet!

Lisa Lee

OMG! She is hilarious! I love her....


Good job Fiona! You're quite the blogger. Now I need to go practice taking my jacket on and off...

Bryon Stout

haha this gives me a good idea. I need to get one of my nieces to do a video with me. Of course I will try and embarrass them as much as possible.

Elaine Zelley

Great post by Fiona! I'm still laughing about the slouching pictures and lapels!

Jane Parks-McKay

Hello all: I just happened upon Fiona's review. It's fantastic. I'm the author of this book and I am so very happy you enjoyed it. What a lovely photo of you holding my book. Writing this so many years ago will be something I will always remember.

The cover model, Kate, by the way, competed with around 1000 of my other students to be on the cover. It was narrowed down to around 12 as I recall and then 3, and then the Publisher chose 3. We had a lot of fun going to San Francisco shopping for "cover model clothes."

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