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October 16, 2012



Thanks Colleen for taking the time to write this post!

Norma Oliver

This is very disappointing to learn. :(

I generally only like biz pages from my personal page so their "like" numbers go up. Then I usually hide them. I "like" them again from my biz page (Norma's Kentiques) and look at their pages from their.

I've always tried to keep my biz interest separate from my personal stuff. I have lists on my personal page for: family, close friends, local friends, and cyber or distant friends I've made from a homeschooling board I'm part of.

It was just too much to have biz interested meshed in with it all so I would look at those when I went to my biz page.

Sign.... very frustrated. No fault of yours though and thanks for taking the time for this post, it's VERY informative.

Suzanne Cooke

Thanks as always Colleen. We have been getting less comments on our business facebooks lately and less likes! I will share this.

Melissa's Antiques

Thanks for sharing, Colleen! I didn't even know these interest lists existed. I was starting to wonder why I didn't see a lot of posts from my favorite pages...


This was sooo helpful Colleen. I am sharing it on facebook, not that anyone necessarily sees my posts apparently but it may help. Oh and glad to see that Circa Dee made your faves list.

Into Vintage

I'm only on my second glass of wine but I'll check out your faves.

Thanks for the info too. Super helpful especially for someone like me who doesn't log in to FB daily. I just love wondering why everything is completely different than the last time I logged in...


Hi!!' I was wondering if you know if Facebook has changed this once again!! I liked a new page today and tried to hover over the " like" but nothing came up for me to add it to an interest group!!! Help!!!!


Good News & Bad News about Facebook Interest Lists - freshvintage

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