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March 29, 2012



So jealous, so mad I couldn't be close enough to go! Congrats!

Leslie @ Salvaged Spaces

So many cool finds! I love the football safari hat... I was seriously sitting here imagining giraffe goal posts and wishing I was your granddad. ;)

I hope someday my husband and I can come visit (and buy a few broken cameras since that's all the rage these days)!

Melissa's Antiques

glad you're doing so well! also, i'd keep that delaware valley crate for myself too!


Loving the Delaware Valley crate. I went to Delaware Valley College which is not close to Delaware but anyway, love it! Let me know if you decide to sell it. I need to get out to your shop!

Wanda Howland

Wow! seriously wish I still lived in the Manheim area (am now in NH). Love the safari hat and would def. buy it for my late husband - he used to teach at F&M!! Lots of good memories of PA - we used to live right across from the Root's auctions - wish I had been a "dealer" then - passed up tons of good buys! :-)
Wanda In NH

Avril Red

This is very good post.
Thanks for sharing.


Just popped over from PSMM...I loooove your shop and live right near by...I have a feeling I am going to be a very frequent visitor. I'm now following you!


the cubbies are fantastic! They are one of my favorite things to collect.
Great finds!

ps Popping over from PSMM. Great interview!

Shannon at madiganmade

Um. I'm in love with the mega phone. For real. (did you sell it yet? I have a sports themed basement that it would be perfect in)

P.S. I'm stopping by from the PSMM interview. Fun to 'meet' another Phila local who loves thrifting. I've never really thrifted much in your area... off to pop around your blog to see some of your other scores!


Thanks for the shout-out, Colleen! That horseshoe is guaranteed to help you get lucky, I promise. Absolutely love your shop... can't wait to get back there and see you soon!


Wow, just imagine all the wonderful things you can do with all that great stuff!

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