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February 01, 2012



looking for a hundred old keys for my daughters wedding! HELP!

birdie blue

in love with that blue steelcase desk. it's the perfect shade of blue.

your vintage sex ed 'illustrations' commentary is really funny. i think you need to start writing your own book/compilation. it'd sell.


Maureen F

Awesome - you sure did score !!!!


I must be channeling you. I have 3 surveyor's sticks and found TWO sex books last weekend. What's with that? XOX

Lisa Johnson

Oh, Colleen! thanks for the laugh. I needed it!


*Crude comment alert*

Dinner of Exciting Foods = fish tacos.

Sorry...I had to.



I *think* that's a shortwave radio mic. My dad had one very similar to it.

Great haul! I wish we lived closer. I'd be buying from ya on a regular basis.

Any plans to do the Country Living Fair this year? I'm planning on selling and taking along my vintage camper, too.


Mary Ann

Oh man, what a sense of humor you have. Quite enjoyable reading. Thanks!


This is the funniest post I've read........ever! I'll be directing my best friend over her for a good chuckle!

Patricia Price

Love all your vintage finds. The long measuring sticks look just like the ones we used to have to use at the gas station I worked at. We would open the heavy lid to the gas tank in the ground, sprinkle baby powder on the stick and put it into the tank and when we pulled it out you could read how much was left in the tank by where the baby powder was wet. Then we would call it into the main office so they knew how much gas they should have delivered. It was a pretty miserable job at Oh-dark hundred in the morning! Thanks for the memory!


oh boy....how do I muffle hysteria at 5:30 in the morning and not wake the whole family with my cackling laughter.....funny funny funny....I'm thinking boggle may have to slide down to second funniest post ever....
see you at Clover

Miss Wibbly

ha ha ha ha ha ha!! o.m.g. i chuckled! thanks! and what an amazing 'find'! x

Megan M.

That's good stuff Colleen.


I had to let you know that I saw my very first and probably only Willy Warmer, listed on Craigslist noless here in Wisconsin. I did not reply to the add, unless you want me to. ;) I had to let you know that they are apparently migrating this way.

Deb Neerman

LOLOLOL, I'm ROFLOL over here ... thanks for the giggles!


Yet again I just died laughing...I think that really be what men are thinking of...except it's probably like twenty J LO's holding hamburgers. Can't wait till your next find!


Awesome Post. Most blogs bore me and I giggled so much through this one.


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