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December 11, 2011



Pam, I loved your brooch post!

I have no doubt that the Ice Follies gal shouted her little celluloid heart out with joy when you rescued her from her dank dungeon. And now worldwide fame! Life just doesn't get any better.

Katie Mullaly

Okay, I simply must get this comment posted successfully...

I saw the snowman and read the comments and nearly tinkled. Anyone who can insinuate the phrase "bar fight" into a post about Christmas brooches, and specifically referencing a snowman, is a complete bad ass. Thusly, I covet "Frosty Fisticuffs and his blood covered broom handle" brooch.

Thank you.


Tanya Svoboda

Love and covet the reindeer!

Heidi German

Ice Follies girl, hands down. Love her outfit!


I adore the snowman!

Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity

That little red deer is such a dear and has to be my favorite because how often do you see a little deer all in red? She is so adorable.

Into Vintage

I would be thrilled to have the Ice Follies girl hovering above my chest this holiday season. Although sequins are hard to resist...

Angela Croissant

Oh my goodness my favorites are the beaded trees! I can't imagine the work it took to make those. I wonder who the artist's were making them for- to sell or for a lovely gift for a church friend??? Hmmmm....

Hugs to you!



So hard to choose! I love the bar fight snowman and the chic ice follies gal is my favorite!

Eleanor and Kerry

Great post, and collection! I love the snowman! Frosty with his broom... The trees are awesome too, as are all the others but who does not love FROSTY!?!? Besides, we paint them! Happy Christmas to all!


i love the little red deer the most. so kitschy!


I am partial to the sequinned trees, especially the rosy-colored one at top right. Reminds me of all of the similar ones my grandma made with her church lady friends. One year she made everyone in the family a sequin-covered cowboy ornament from clothespins and white felt... looked just like Elvis! I still hang on my tree 25 years later.

Deb Neerman

The Ice Follies girl kicks @ss!!!! Love!

France Geek

The Ice Follies gal is lovely and I like the pointsettia wreath, and also the sequin trees. Gawd, great comment about their worth and what grandma went through...what does that say about our culture?


I think I love the stocking most of all! I would love to play along I am feeling lucky this Season~ Hugs, Diane


They are all so fun, but I am drawn to the poinsettia wreath! I've really enjoyed all the Fresh Gift ideas.

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