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October 07, 2011



I am considering jumping in on the camper craze. This post is so helpful and any other posts will be appreciated!


I love the character of vintage campers!

I have a 68 Shasta that worked all summer on and now am needing to sell (sadly!) It was so much fun to camp in, but she's waiting for a new owner. daisytoad@live.com


Very good information. We bought our 1972 Bell Travel Trailer from Craigslist in April of 2011. Finally got to take it out this last weekend. They are definately a blast but a lot of work if you don't know what your looking for. Thanks for the excellant blog and I look forward to reading more.

Visit our blog at Rollinintheyears.wordpress.com and see what I ran into when we got Bell home.


I would love regular posts on the topic! I have an almost restored 1955 Trotwood Cub canned ham. Love the colors on the one you found.

Michele Reynolds

This is sooooo cute! Your page inspires me. Love your blog tips too! Designing my page and following them:)


Your article is spot on. I do the *same* thing every day using all the same techniques - plus some. I have joined lots of yahoo groups and go to rallies for the different camper types. I currently have a Sportsmobile campervan and enjoy that a lot, but my heart is set on vintage. Thanks for being a kindred spirit out there in blogland. It's nice to know others are on the same quest...


I found my 62 Winnebago camper from a listing on Craigslist. Only 50 miles from me. It was love at first site, but needed more work than I realized. Took several months to get someone to work on it and get it road ready. I have gone camping twice now, and still love it.

Sheila Palm

One day...one day...I will own one of these sweet beauties...thanks for the info.

France Geek

Awesome post, as always. Thanks for the excellent tips. I'm looking over here in California to sell out of at the markets.

A Facebook User

Great post! I love your vintage trailer. We have a 61 Shasta Compact and a 56 Southland Runabout. You are welcome to peek at them on my blog; http://www.LittleVintageTrailer.com

I am admittedly obsessed LOL! The more recent one we found was the 56 Southland Runabout. About as a canned ham as you can get. It's so round it almost looks like a half circle. I'm in the process of making new seat cushions and doing various other things to it. I just love it.

Both of my vintage trailers I've found through Craigslist. It really does take dedication to snap one of these cuties up, as they really go FAST if they are in good shape and either a desirable brand or model. So daily (sometimes even hourly) searches are required.

Thank you for such a great post!


A Facebook User

Fantastic post! You answered my question about keywords, and that pipe symbol tip was a new one to me! Something I've been doing in my searches (through SearchTempest and on eBay) is also using various misspellings - especially "trailor." I've found several that didn't come up in my normal searches that way.


We purchased a well maintained 1966 Scotty Serro, and still did a lot of work to bring it up to vintage modern. After my husband stripped all of the old exterior paint and repainted the camper, I painted a Peter Maxx style mural across the back and around the back sides. When we take little travel trips, the camper draws all kind of attention. Love it, but I have to constantly keep the inside all cute and arranged. ( Or at least I feel I should ). We also take it to car shows, and we take a very hot red 1980 Dodge Aspen RT. ( the RT does not tow the camper ).

Shelly Nichols

Love your site! Very helpful!


Hi! Thanks for all the info! I have the exact same tow vehicle as you, and sadly, also no tow package. It seems really challenging to find something of the right weight, and opinions on exactly how much these campers weigh seem to differ. I've also read about transmission problems when using the Town and Country to two anything. I'd love to hear any words of wisdom or the benefit of experience you've had in this area!


I have a 1956 "Spartan" Imperial Mansion Trailer for sale ! It is 8 x 40, and is very liveable, and, would be a great start on a restoration project ! I have only listed it on Craigslist New Orleans, without pics, for $3600 OBO ! I live in Kiln, MS !

Hanna Haze

We planned to buy a travel trailer but we don't have an ample amount of money. It is indeed a very nice place to stay while on a travel and the best thing is you can stop and rest for a while.

olivia baker

does anyone have any info on a 1950 cozy cottage cruiser manufactured in L.A.?

Anthony Pattinson

I bought a trailer and the price is lesser than what is expected. It is indeed a very nice stuff for travelers who traveled miles just to be in the place they wished to have an adventure. Whenever I feel sleepy, we just parked our car to a vacant space and sleep in our trailer. Our is experience is great!

Jill Davis

Happy to find this site thanks. I just bought a 1967 Roadrunner and haven't been able to fine another one online like it anywhere! Found it through Craig's List - it was two hours away from my zip code, and the seller had multiple offers while I was on the way with my check, it's true they get snapped up quickly, especially if roadworthy. I'm looking to find someone near Atlanta or Blairsville GA to paint it in case anyone has any tips. Thanks! Love these little campers!


Thank you for this article...I have been on a mission for 3 months now to find a 10 foot vintage camper that I can restore myself, but no luck as yet...have been using the same search sites you suggested but not the searches...will try them now. If you know of any for sale, I too need something around 1,000 lbs tow weight, please let me know. Thanks.

Bob Collopy

"For Sale" - Vintage 1959 Serro Scotty, 10' canned ham, 13' w/tongue and weighs 950 lbs. It's currently listed on Tin Can Tourists or call me (Bob) direct at: (814)734-5288. I'm located in Edinboro, PA 16412...

Elaine Downey

I have a 1969 Aladdin 15 ft for sale. All original except the fabric on the cushions, and just put in a brand new stove/oven. Has no bathroom. Has ice
box and hand pump water. Very clean, kept in garage. Call (253) 970-2445 or email at tweetybrrrd63@gmail.com. Asking $2500. Have original paperwork and title.

Miia Leskinen

Thanks for guiding on finding that travel camper that one is awesome.I've been an traveler for 2 years and most of the time i am going in a place where its challenging.Travelling is not that so hard and for me it is still good to know the place where you want to travel,in fact in Helsinki i always use to ask a travel tips to some travel expert for me to have an idea about the place where i am going.Well that one is really helpful specially if you want to travel in your own country.Awesome.

Geri Zito

We found a late 50's canned ham on Craig's list fifteen minutes from our home for $300. We became lovers of these classics after going to a Tin Can Tourist open house here in central Florida. Our challenge has been finding out what it is. No title or registration and no vin number. I have researched every source and explore all websites, which is what brought me here. I will need to go through the court and DMV to get a new vin, title, and registration which will take due diligence, but I am up for the challenge. I will share my results so others facing this common problem will have some guidance thru the process. Thanks for your forum!

John Hodgson

Purchased my 1986 Holiday Rambler Alumalite trailer and restored the inside and repainted the outside, removing all the vinyl stripes. Pull it with a 2003 Jeep 4.0 3 wheel drive. I did add tow package to the Jeep. Well worth it. Love the HR. Enjoyed reading your site.


Does anyone know where we can find stoves for the vintage campers


just my advise, don't use craigslist

Sylvia jones

Am looking for a vintage trailer. My phone number is 9286806791, I live in Lake Havasu az. Thank you Sylvia Jones

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