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September 16, 2011


April Raulerson

absolutly love this (: and im with you on the answer the queston, are you really going to use this for camping .. my answer would absolutly be YES! im such a huge fan of your ideas and creativity! Thanks so much for sharing for us all to enjoy!

April Raulerson

btw- i think the green wall paper thats on this website would look pretty awesome with some more colors to cordinate, just a suggestion!

Chrissy P

Ed would jump off a bridge if i made him sleep in one of these. too bad b/c it looks like it would be fun.


That is one cool camper.


It's swell. Love that linoleum.


It's to die for fabulous. That floor is killer and that would be my inspiration for colors. I hear ya about the white paint, I love to paint everything but for some reason I'm diggin' the birch.


Love it! I have a 1956 Trotwood Cub and am still trying to finish the restoration (not completely original). On the subject of painting, of course it is an individual choice and I have seen some beautifully painted interiors in some of the vintage campers, but I spent almost a year removing the M & M yellow and green paint the previous owners put in my Cub and so I will never, ever paint my birchwood! :) However, I do understand needing to brighten up the small space.

Thanks for sharing! You have reawaken my interest in mine!

Just Enjoy Yourself

I want that. I would've paid the admission you should've charged!

Mitzi Curi

How adorable! I love the linoleum especially.

Into Vintage

OMG this is the cutest house on wheels ever! I agree with georgiapechez about the floor -- a great starting point for color/fabric choices. Personally, I think you should paint whatever you want including the birch and copper if you're so inclined -- I guess it all depends if you're going for a restoration or redecoration. That stove is adorable btw.

Annie/Helen Hartman

Amazing, if the devil is in the details, then this is a devilishly divine 'creation'.

Simple Daisy

I love your camper!!! I dream of a turquoise and white one just like that:):)

ps.....i'm having a little give-away on my blog. Stop on by if you get the chance:)


I absolutely LOVE your Scotsman! SO cute and quaint!

Sharon Dempsey

Your trailer is cute as a button! I have a '61 Shasta a guy GAVE me- it was all trashy in his backyard here in South Jersey. We did a reno. Want to have a trailer meet-up? I can never find any groups on the east coast....


Ahh you have it. Bad.


There is no cure. :)

You should come hang out with us at The Loyal Order of the Glamper. Those folks have tons of info and ideas on cute, fixed-up vintage campers. http://www.facebook.com/groups/loyalglamper/


Hi, we have a Scotsman as well and am trying to find the weight info for renovation purposes. Any information you have will be very helpful! Thank you.

classic restoration

I can literally live on that vehicle. I believe they are also late models autos.

classic restoration

This is real vintage! I can literally live in that.

Tia Oshields

I love the vintage vibe of this li'l RV trailer!! Green is one of my favorite colors, and you did well in matching it with the woody interior. How's business now? You've probably earned many customers in many places. Good luck!


Luv your scotsman.... I've had mine for 3 years now... They are awesome to camp in..... Nice and cozy. I have a "64" scotsman that I hope to restore someday when I get the time and extra $$'s to do so... Man, I can't wait... Have you seen the scotsman on youtube? It's a nice one also ...It's for sale too unless somebody purchased it already as the video was shot in April 2010 ... It is also a "64".. Anyway good luck with her and take her out in the woods soon... She's beg'n ya too...

A Facebook User

Absolutely adorable! The floor in yours is very similar to what's in our 56 Southland Runabout.

I've used our 61 Compact to peddle vintage wares out a local show here. It's fun as it seems to draw people in and I really enjoy chatting with them about the whole vintage trailer movement (:


Jill Davis

I Love your camper!


Thanks for the tips. We are about to have Lucy's 4th birthday. Lucy said, Mummy, i would like a cake with flowres, lady beetles a pony and dolly's on it ! Another cute idea is: Spotlight sell cheapie Pinatas, fill them with lollies and smash away.Happy Birthday to Olive.


I am thinking about an aoeorntfn tea for my upcoming graduation party so will definately be inspired by these pictures! As I am graduating from a science degree I am thinking about infusing it with a few of the elements (yes, pun intended!) think vintage lab glassware as vases and some adorable science-themed cupcake toppers I saw on Etsy.

David rhodes

Nice Scotsman. My scotsman is also a 1956 model, but has very different interior. Windows are fewer and old style. My stove is not the Princess stove but an older looking model, crude and plain. Kitchen counter area is smaller and confined by a wall on both ends. Your Scotsman looks more like a late 50s (1958 or 59?) model to me, could be wrong. Maybe mine is older or a different model than 1956??

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