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September 26, 2011


Mary Kay Andrews

I bought that same Pelican thermos jug in Boone, NC back in August. Think it would make a swell lamp. Or a swill jug. Whateves...Excellent junk, Colleen!


Oh, this is hilarious! Now I wish I'd driven up ahead of you and scored all this killer junk. Especially that book. That sleeping photo explains a lot about my poor circulation.

But in that second photo she looks passed out, which also invites nightmares.


You always find the best books! LOL I do love the gum rack... and the library cart... and the cubbie thing... and all the rest of it... you found some great stuff!

Charlene Austin

Ok seriously....how do you not do stand up comedy? The pic of the cooler on the trailer counter slayed me. Can I come shop with you? I won't be in the way. I promise. I'll just laugh lots.

momma mindy

You're right. I had a negative, jealous reaction when I saw what you bought for $37. Sorry. You just get the best deals all the time! On the west coast it's ridiculous shopping for vintage. If I find anything that is remotely cool, they want a bajillion dollars for it. So, I read your blog and dream about shopping trips like yours. Would LOVE to buy that wood thing with all the compartments from you. Do you ever drive by Seattle? :)

France Geek

You are such a great writer. You always have me laughing out loud - lolling, I guess.

Amazing haul for the price, amazing even for lots more money. If I ever drop^the France gig I'll start copying where you go to resell.

Good luck douching!


I'm super jealous over here! These are some awesome finds. The problem with me is - I don't have a store or anything (yet?) so everything ends up staying in my house.....quickly running out of room over here.

I LOVE books like those! Aren't they just too much?!

And yes, good luck with the douching!


I have a "thang" for pieces made out of old boxes, so that cubbie is calling to me!!!
Great haul........


Erin-you kill me!
Love reading you and your mom's posts!
Kim from Yakima

Eleanor and Kerry

I am so glad you got the book - you would appreciate it the most I think! Come back again - only a few more weeks until Shupp's Grove closes on Oct. 30th, but we'll be around, and back in the Spring. Your other finds are awesome too! But I covet your camper the most.

Into Vintage

"There is nothing so fatal to a girl's chances as untidiness."

Uh, ew?


Who knew a nose could be respectable or not? Ha ha, that book is pure gold! And I love the tie rack that gives advice. Great finds!

One Gal's Trash

I hate you and your $37 bonanza. Especially the gum rack. Once in a blue moon, there's a day when I wish we never left Pennsylvania. Today is one of those days.


I still hate you a little even if you DID pay more than $37. ;) What an awesome crazy-good haul!!

And that book. That book is AWESOME! I will be pinching my baby's nose every day.


OK, I'll admit that when I read the "$37" part, I thought "I hate her". Thanks for fessing up & not making me hate you :)

As usual, love your finds!

Jody Kippels

I love your choice of reading materials. LOL! By the way, I use those cute little crochet potholders as coasters.

Mitzi Curi

My, my, my....what awesome advice Ms. Ayers was doling out way back when! Thanks so much for sharing!


I'd just stick a clothespin on it! Who has time to walk around squeezing babies' noses all the time?!

Also, that cubby style shelving unit is badass. Color me jealous.

Kara of www.fancythatvintage.blogspot.com


WOW - I am in awe of all of your great finds!!
And I am completely over the moon CRAZY about that orange desk lamp!!!


I bought The Crafty Minx for my stseir for Christmas and she loves it. I studied German for 7 years (school and university) and am a big fan of all things Deutsches! So I'm excited to hear you will be translated into German. Das Schlaues Luder is an exact translation of The Crafty Minx, but German doesn't have that wonderful duplicity of meaning within crafty that we do in English. It only means cunning. Can't wait to hear how they title your book!

Danise Kimball

I can't believe you "helped yourself" to the vintage sign. Oh you left them a dollar. Really? How sweet of you. That's so F***ed up. Maybe the Amish people didn't want to have to make a new sign because their old sign was cool. Maybe they wanted more than $1 for it. I'm really quite amazed.

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