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July 13, 2011


Into Vintage

Is it just me or is there something funky about vacuuming your globes? Maybe it's the photo that's throwing me off...or all the innuendos flying through my head after reading this post.

You are not nuts. (see?) And no, I've never submitted/nominated my blog/anyone's blog for anything. Yet.

Sue Pagels

Well, I for one, love your blog! I like bawdy and reallllly don't go for the overboard religious - dare I say it - crap? I see on some blogs. Good Luck!


I LOVE your bawdy globe slinging blog.. makes me smile, laugh and wet my pants just a little bit!

I can't wait until you and you hot metal globes are famous... so there!

Good luck!

Maddie,The Domestic Anarchist!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking

These are great tips. Thanks so much for sharing!!


Of course, I nominated you (but also submitted my own). If it's a tie, I say we arm-wrestle! And congrats on the globe shoutout!



Well. I would nominate both you AND Sue....I have you both on my blogroll and it would be hard for me to choose....SO....I'm hopeing you DO tie and have to arm-wrestle!!!!! And of course both blog it...................

Carrie @ ML

I can't believe I found your blog, THIS WEEK, just when I was contemplating setting up a table at the Cedars flea market. {found you through PSMM, how fortuitous!} I'm sure you are super busy, but if you have a sec I'd love to chat about Cedars and The Annex. My vintage finds are taking over the world (okay, a section of my basement) and I'd love to know your thoughts on both places. My email address is makinglemonadeblog at gmail dot com.

As for self-nominating, if you can't vote for yourself, how can you expect others to vote for you too?!? In other words, grab those globes and go for it!


You are crazy...that is why you are so wonderful!!! Your blog is always a delight, you could charge admission you are so entertaining....and I learn some stuff too, so YES GO FOR IT and I will vote and you will win and become uber-famous....don't forget all us little people, K????
Your fan, cathy


Yes, I nominated my self too! If your blog is a long shot mine must be a super long shot! One can dream!

auntie bliss

I submitted myself yesterday...in the Lifestyles catagory...I keep thinking about it!
I collect old globes too. See you in NYC!!

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