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June 10, 2011



Love the postcard tags!!! How creative. Jealous on the chairs too...


Love your stuff, and really love dumb customers, don't ya! Geez, some peoples children!

Shannon Hillard Logan

Fun! Wish I was there:)

Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk

Glad you did well! Love the customer stories and the tales of the Tastykake truck. Everything looked great, as usual!

Charlene Austin

Omg I would have snatched up those chairs in a heartbeat. But I'm in Canada so a lot of good that does you hey?

Into Vintage

Good grief - is this what I have to look forward to later this summer when I sell at my first show? I'll definitely leave all my letter "T's" at home. My husband's helping me too - that fact that you & yours lived to tell gives me hope. We'll see.


Hey My show is roll overed to tomorrow because storms last week.

Did accepting cc help your sales ya think?

Sorry about loading the chairs. I hate that part of show..

And your post card display is the best!
Love it!

erin (favorite sister)

That's odd, my yellow tufted armchairs always have seat belts, yours must be really vintage.


Wow...you did great...so many great finds. Love how you display each item. Enjoyed your post.


ok... are you telling me that I should not have seat belts on my tuffed gold chairs?... this really does put a whole new spin on things and might make it easier to sit around in the livingroom!



These sewing bstekas are wonderful. Each one is really unique; you did a beautiful job. May they all sell quickly!I have a group of similar bstekas that are quite shabby, how nice to know how fabulous they can become!~Marilee

BENFICA maillot de foot

BENFICA maillot de foot http://www.citybackpackers.org/ESPAGNE/BENFICA are over and above stunning. I love them soo considerably! They are soo furry. I just acquired these and they definitely make me sooo content. Pretty distinctive!

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