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May 10, 2011



Great post Colleen. I have seen SO many of the originals at the Clover Market that we also see in the catalogs and cheaper to boot. Antique mirrors, industrial gears, antique picture ledges and shutters, and certainly the whole industrial chic aesthetic in spades. I hope some of the locals who read your blog will stop by our last spring show on 6/5 (note to Colleen's fans - freshvintage will be there selling!) or one of our fall dates, and that the others reading your post will continue to be inspired to hunt for the real thing at their nearby shows and sales. It's so worth it!!!

Karen W.

It is such a treat to find the treasures yourself, but thankfully, those who do pay $6K for those things don't flea and leave the good stuff for the rest of us to discover ;)

And, as luck should have it, I was able to find an large old, maple, children's school table with 8 original chairs in wonderful condition on craigslist for only $250. I felt like I was stealing it!

While the real vintage bins are tough to find, I did score a few grey, metal bins at Target for only $4 each. While they're not vintage, the price was a score, and the edges are a little safer for my little guys. $4 deal at Target gives me the same smile as scoring a one-of-a-kind on some days. Cheers!

Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk

Thanks for the shout-out! We saved A JILLION dollars making our own zinc covered table. And those catalogs annoy me! ;)


What do I think? I think they are reading all the cool and clever blogs I follow!

Jennifer (Savor)

I am jsut tickled pink that you are postinng so often lately. By the way, you are welcome to spruce up our playroom for $24.

Mary Kay Andrews

Me? I think it's ironic that some child in a far-off Chinese sweatshop is probably laboring to knock-off the real industrial stuff so that it can be marked up a bajillion times and sold to unsuspecting Western over-consumers for their children's nursery. But that's just me.


we have a RH store right here in my town. i havent been inside for a few years though, as the prices scare me!


"only about $5800 more than I spent..." HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAA. love.

Tina-Marie Hamilton

Ironically, I have had the little chairs in my antique booth, and I could not "give" them away. For people who are searching for this look, attend school districts' auctions, usually at the end of the year. It will be at least $5,000 cheaper! Surpised that RH is still in business!

Phillis Whitney

I think this isn't that safe for kids who are fond of playing and running around.

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