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May 30, 2011



cooter coat?
those are hysterical finds.....now I'll probably wake up in the middle of the night and shout the perfect name out and my husband will know without a shadow of a doubt that I have lost my mind. especially when I get up to add it to this post! LOL


Um, it appears to be a merkin. Don't ask ... all I'm claiming is a bachelorette party gone bad.


It's a Coochie Cozy!


cunt carpet... creeper keeper. hahaha.


Muff Muffs........OMG!! You guys always keep me coming back for more!!


OMG. That's a riot! I like Beaver Heater. It's catchy.


Kitten Mitten... Bush Bandanna... hilarious post!


Actually, we had a "Super Guy " that got passed around the guys in our family for years at Christmas. One year a FORMER bro in law got it............we haven't seen it since. HHmmmmmmm...........


Hah! I love it! I can't wait to share this with my husband. I'll keep thinking of a good name. My creativity seems to be on vacation.

Into Vintage

If this isn't exactly the right reason to learn to knit, I don't know what is.

What a thoughtful handmade Christmas gift these would make.


This post made me love you even more. ;) I am going to have to actually keep an eye out for these lovely items next time I hit an estate sale. You would think that Wisconsinites would have the need for these if anyone does. ;) Keep up the good work.


I want to know what the hole is for...Not that I could ever imagine myself ever wearing this latest of Paris fashions, but if I did, what would the flap be for???


Hardly, I'm still laughing so hard that I can hardly type, LMAO!

Margi Laipply

WTF....ok I get it, but yet I don't. Corners?....what corners?....Curls....? What??? Well, at least it's patriotic!
Let's call it a Beavage Bonnet shall we? Or maybe a Biscuit Warmer!



Rebecca Harkin

This has shattered my image of the 1940's being an innocent, wholesome period! These would be a fun item to reproduce and sell on Etsy. Could wind up on Regretsy...


Erm, what about "thatch hatch"?


do you understand the implied meaning to the last paragraph relating to an oriental country?
if you don't, email me or ask an older gentleman - one who went to Vietnam or stationed in the Far East.
the response is very sexist, btw

Mitzi Curi

How about Snapper Capper?


You guys are nuts! All of your creative names are cracking me up.

one gal's trash

How in hell did I miss this post? I'm starting to think these genital cozies seek you out, rather than the other way around. By the way, I like Carpet Carpet.


That is so funny and soooo politically incorrect! I remember finding odd ball sexy "joke" gifts at my Uncle's house when I was a kid and was always so confused (to my older brother's delight who was usually the one who showed me the stuff because he knew I would not really understand).


Elma Riedstra

WOW this is to funny!!!

Shelley Gardner

My only fear, as a getting old but not yet "old" lady, is how do you undo the ties fast enough to go pee? Women's bladders (of my age, post kids, post hyster) aren't quite up to the stamina there were when we were younger.

And ah, the visions of romance in the deep cold- I'll remove my warmer if you remove yours.

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