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May 07, 2011



PUHLEEEEEZE wrap it up beautifully and give it to your Momma. That would be hysterical! She might whack you over the head with it but it would be worth it.


hahaha, you are a very bad child! LOL!You got some great deals :)


I love this post!!! So funny about the Atari! I'm heading to Lancaster next weekend, will have to follow the buggies to the barn sales. :)

bev b

Very funny! I believe your mom will Love her Mother's Day gift! It will make her day! TFS...BEv


I'm picking up on a theme here....garage saleing in Lancaster...buggies and horse turds, ...Atari...Frogger......

Tara @ This Military Mama

Oh my gosh I want the Apple Trail sign sooo badly!!!!

Love it!!!!


Great story! You could wrap the Atari stuff for your mom, give it to her and then sell it on eBay and she gets the money....
just a thought.

Wanda @ Just Vintage

You scored pretty darn good! And that's too funny about the Atari. :-) I'm assuming she has a good sense of humor.

Alison Shaffer

those chairs are awesonme. I love old metal chairs. we have some old ones of my grandparents that I treasure. you got a great deal. they were meant for you!

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