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March 10, 2011



that is a fascinating story! i want to hear more!

Sue Pagels

Very interesting and funny! We do/did have Sealtest here in NW Indiana. Don't buy much ice cream anymore, so I'm not sure if they still sell it here.

Anabelle O'Malley

This is great!! He has some awesome stories. I grew up eating Sealtest ice cream!

laurie magpie ethel

You always, always make me laugh. Great communication between you and Doug..I like his tip on tucking his undershirt into his underwear to make him look thinner....he should have a blog PAPER.

p.s. I am a west coast gal and have never heard of Sealtest ice cream, but I do like ice cream...especially caramel swirl!

B Smhelding

I know Doug, the guy is a douche bag,


This has got to be your best post yet! I laughed so hard!
I grew up in SC and we had Sealtest Ice Cream here, too.


That is fascinating! Dear Doug, please write a book about Hank. What does a Pharmaceutical Scientist do?

Also, I just have to know, why doesn't the obituary mention Grandpi?

Maria (Magia Mia)

Oh my God, Colleen......Is there anyone in your family, in-laws or otherwise, that DOESN'T have searing wit? Honestly, I think you guys own the monopoly on that one........Hilarious. And yes, he does need his own blog paper....:)

Into Vintage

Doug, I almost dozed off until you mentioned Kim Kardashian. :-) And sherbet? Really? In my opinion, it would have been just a matter of time before ice cream crushed sherbet and become #1.

Michele O'Connor Dunn

I want to be invited to your next family get together! I'm serious! If the emails are this fun ...what would it be like to be there in real time...with some wine...


Dear Doug,
Please start a blog as you are hilarious!
Kris (from Yakima, 'cause you know where that is...) ;)

Charlene Austin

I am sorry but holy eff is this funny!!! I always crack up when I visit here. How much fun must you all have when you get together!


I'm uber proud to say ----- He's my son-in-law !!! To know him, is to love him.


I live on the Illinois side near St Louis.
We had Sealtest when I was growing up.
I just found your blog last week. I am slowly making my way thru. You give me a laugh every day! pam


This made my day! Your brother in law is hilarious! Funniest thing ever!


@LoriO: Pharmaceutical Scientist was code for "he runs a meth lab". Actually, he works for a company that makes regular drugs for regular people.
And Grandpi is mentioned in the obit - he is her second husband, Alexander Shaw Mitchell Jr.


Doug does have struggles living with "the gout"

lori (aka: marzi)

i have a "sealtest" sign that hung on my grandpa's farm for many years. (he was a dairy producer) it's huge, maybe 4' x 3' and hangs in our family room now. here's a picture (you need to scroll down to the fourth image). it's one of my most favorite pieces i own. http://paisleywallpaper.blogspot.com/2009/09/wood-type-vintage-dairy-sign-bookshelf.html


@Lori (Marzi)  Thank you for sharing the photo of your sign. I love that! Dont let Doug know where you live - he might try to steal it.

Wanda @ Just Vintage

We had Sealtest in Alabama, too. And yes. Doug really, really needs his own blog paper! I'd be his first follower! He kinda sounds like the Most Interesting Man In the World.

Leah - MoxieThrift on Etsy

That's some funny shit.


:) I love it! Don't know if your realize the power of knowing your history, great stories to share. My mum had a stoke last year and can't speak anymore....just wish I had asked more questions...been reading your page for a while now, THANK YOU :)


This had me laughing out loud, thanks for a great post! Your blog is excellent. And I agree with you, he does need to start a blog :)


Ha! He still can't top the "Peter Heater"!!!

Junker Newbie Stephanie

Ok, I'm a new follower and you made me laugh so hard it almost made my drink come out my nose!

Found you via Vintage Junk in my Trunk.


Oh Colleen....I laughed so HARD just now I peed my pants....Just a BIT....SERIOUSLY....Ooh....PLEASE don't tell Doug though....!

When you see him next will you give him a hug....A LINGERING hug is required with a SQUEEZE at the end in order to convey the true depth of my gratitude for the humour & wit which has tickled my 'fancy'....hahahahaha....!

Where can I sign the 'Doug MUST start a blog' petition....??

LOVE visiting with you as ALWAYS....!!!!!

Cheers from Oz,
Tamarah :o)


PS: LOVE your Sealtest finds....!!


I would read Doug's blog paper!


no need to abreviate...laughing out loud! that is hilarious. thanks for starting my day off like that!

emily ruth

love it...

Kate (Hovey) Witherspoon

Hi there...was doing some research on company to show to my husband on the company. Vernon F Hovey Jr was my grandpa, and Vernon F. Hovey III was my uncle. Anyway can you see if Doug would be willing to email me? I would like to know who his dad is and if he was at Mary McNab's service in August? Would like to talk to him...
Thank you google...


That is crazy, Kate! I will certainly tell Doug to email you. It is nice to know that you aren't scared to get in touch with him, after reading this blog post. ; )


Sealtest had a factory in Huntington, Indiana, where I grew up. My uncle worked there for a while. I remember Sealtest being the "expensive" ice cream that we couldn't afford. It was probably comparable to Breyers now.


Sealtest was also sold in the South. My mom used to buy it.

Jim Locke

Vernon Fletcher Hovey III, grandson of the founder of Sealtest Ice Cream, was a high school classmate of mine at Niskayuna High School, Niskayuna, NY, class of 1964. Vernon Fletcher Hovey, his grandfather, lived in a large, expensive, home on my best friend's newspaper route. Vernon's family lived about 2 blocks away, also in a nice home, but not as exclusive as his grandfather's, on my paper route. Vernon's Dad worked at Sealtest and we thought of his family as also being wealthy. At Christmas, my best friend was tipped $10 by the grandparents and I $5 by Vern's parents. These were our largest tips, a lot of money in the early 1960s. Most customers tipped $1 and a few $2.

Sadly, Vernon Fletcher Hovey III died in the Vietnam War in 1970, a few days short of his 24th birthday. His name is on the Wall and there is a memorial to him at Niskayuna High School.

Jackie Kuyk

This story is VERY fascinating to me, as I am a great-granddaughter of Hank, granddaughter of Ann Hovey Kuyk. I have very fond memories of Gram and Grampi. These pictures were fantastic, and I did not know they existed. Our side of the family has fallen out of touch with Grampi. Is there any possibility you could put me in touch with Doug (nothing creepy, maybe email?). Thank you so much for sharing!

Jackie Kuyk - jfkuyk@hotmail.com


All of the Liggett-Rexall drug store soda fountains sold Sealtest ice cream and milk, back in the 50s-70s. (at least in all of the company stores) I used to work for them in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. They also sold 1/2 gallons in the drug store part.

Jeff Murray

I used to sell copiers with Jeff Hovey who was the greatest copier salesman in America in the early 1980's. Is he related to you?

Chris Allen

My Father was a Route Salesman for Sealtest here in Central Illinois From 1950-1985.
I have a metal spoon like that as well.My Dad gave it to my Aunt back in the 50's.
My Cousin Blessed me by giving it to me last year.
My Dad has been gone since 2000, and it was a touching gift that reminds me of him.
Needless to say ,having a Sealtest Man for a Dad was great! We had lots of great Sealtest Ice Cream always on hand:)


We grew up in Memphis Tennessee back in the 50's 60's and dad worked at the Sealtest company there. He would wear his big freezer coat with the inside pockets full for us kids. Back in those days it was rare to get such a great treat. I was little and still have fond memories and since dad has passed away I want to find a Sealtest sign to go in my cabin. I still have dad's tie clasp that is a silver wrench and it says Sealtest on it.

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