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December 22, 2010



Oh My God you should write for a comedy show! I laughed so hard I cried and that takes a lot:)


Its alot better to take that deer and eat it then just let it lay and rot like they do in our state Washington. Why so angry?


Sandy - I agree that it is better to eat the deer than let it lay there. The part that makes me angry is that he didnt even offer to call 911 or ask if we needed medical attention or if we needed help calling for a ride home. He just waited in his car. He basically hit the jackpot by taking that deer - I just wish he would have been a bit nicer.


You're the new Amy Sedaris! Hilarious. Well, except the deer didn't think it was funny.

And those Mary signs are ASTOUNDING.


People just don't understand that deer are not cute, they are an animal that causes a lot of damage to people and property as anyone who has hit a deer can attest to. And I am not even mentioning the damage they cause to farmers' crops. I am glad you are all safe. And I love Maeve's lego Christmas tree. Your sense of humor is great! And I love your vintage finds.
Merry Christmas to you.


Funny post! And I'm with Audrey. Think about the farmers! And as my grandmother in law used to say "Thanks God" none of you were hurt.


Oh Colleen! Love this. Can't wait to read it to my hunter husband. Have a wonderful Holiday!



Colleen, I am so happy that you and your family are OK after the deer crash. People don't realize how many people are killed or seriously injured each year by deer that dart into the road. Screw what happens to the deer! Your family's safety is what natters! I hope the venison is filled with bitter and gives the "hunter" the shits!


Colleen - Great story - and as a fellow Chester countian, I offer you my sympathy regarding the deer, and the mixed feelings that ensue. I hit one this fall also, but the car was driveable and it did not ruin a big sleepover. I don't know what happened to the deer. I had a collision with Blitzen's great uncle 20 years ago and the policeman had to kill it. No waiting hunter. I felt terrible. It is not their fault that the deer do what they do. But everyone was OK, you got those great signs!!! And your tree looks terrific! So - Merry Everything!


Hi Colleen,

Glad you and the fam are a-okay. An incredibly unpleasant, but incredibly funny story.

I was on my way to an estate sale this fall and driving through a forest preserve when Blitzen's cousin jumped out in front of me. This was the first time I realized that deer are not like squirrels. THEY DO NOT LOOK FIRST, before crossing the road.

They are impetuous little zombies!

Connie M

I'm a newbie to your blog. I too love vintage and your blog is amazing!!!! Loved looking at all the way cool stuff you have collected. I'm a scrapbooker and love to use old ephemera on my layouts but my home is full also. Would love for you to stop by my blog. cn


Wow, what a post. You had me all over the place. I'm drooling over those signs and your fabulous ornaments and then the deer story. I'm so happy to hear that you and your family are OK, what an experience. Then you had me laughing out loud with your story telling humor. Yep, I hope that dude spent time hovering over his toilet.


as much as i miss the East, there are times to be glad to be living in the very rural Mid West and that was on hitting a deer.

the van was not drivable - in 15 minutes we had 6 people (cars) stop to check on us, the first fellow stayed until the deputy came, the deputy stayed until someone came to pick us up.

the part of your story regarding the un-shootable deer reminds me of jim carry trying to shoot the cow in "me, myself & irene"


In Maine, if no one on scene takes the deer, local butchers will cut it up and it gets donated to the food pantry. I agree, that guy's social skills were lacking. Glad all were ok. People here do stop to help! East doesn't equal urban!


I LOVE your tinsel tree and the lanterns are a perfect touch, and I am so sorry about the deer incident bummer!


The funny wooden thing is called a dibble and you use it to plant bulbs like tulips and daffodils. I love flowers and old garden tools. karla

Ivo Beutler

Poor deer! Three times is just torture! Maybe the cop didn't know where to shoot! Anyway, your car looks nasty in that pic. How did the body replacement go?

By the way, you should reaaaally hang that in your kitchen!


Wayne, I've been diagnosed with chnroic anxiety about 2 years ago. Now I am on medication and am undergoing therapy. I have started running (completed my first marathon last September) and have gone back to karate. Sometimes when I think back to the days when I was barely functional, my wife was actually thinking of taking the children and leaving me to my inner monsters. What I would like:1. A "I have anxiety" T-shirt.2. To contribute to your endeavour.Thank you!


Love, love, LOVE the deer heads! My husband got his first deer 2 years ago and I aawyls told him no deer heads on the wall, EVER. These, I can do though! I'm doing one tonight!

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