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September 15, 2010


Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk

Looks like a great day! Sorry we missed it... AGAIN. One of these days we'll get our act together -- maybe we'll see you in Kutztown???


omg ..killing myself laughing at the last bit... love the lollipop box though that is so very cute.

Lisa Leo

Hi! I was visiting my daughter in West Chester and stopped by the sale - it was wonderful and I LOVE your things. It's funny to see some of the stuff I bought from you in the above pictures, haha! The day was beautiful and we had so much fun - thanks for your kindness.


laurie magpie ethel

I have two vintage urinals sitting in my garage (a gift from a friend). Never thought about using them as wine decanters...


OMG!!! I am an RN and to see the urinals used for decanters is hilarious!!! I once sold an ironstone peepot to a woman who thought it was a soup tureen!! Whatever turns your crank I guess!!! LOL!!

Alison McGeehan

It was so much fun getting to know you and Erin at the Fall Fling.....Mom (aka Gloria) has told me so much about you two! I especially enjoyed the armless/legless doll and mixed with the Whipped Vodka or Creamsicle was even more entertaining! Remember to stop by the shop to drop off your ring!!! Look forward to hanging out again! I found your secret to the Creamsicle drink....Lisa surprised me with it as a birthday gift. I will make sure Mom and I have some after our Tent Sale tomorrow. We'll both be needing it!


Victoria M

Thanks for this post.....I enjoyed it!


Oh my gosh, my grandmother had one of those lollipop boxes! In fact, it still hangs in her house, that my uncle now lives in. Good memories! :)

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