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June 18, 2010



Love the stamp set!

You had me rolling with your "that's what she said" comment, and then I nearly peed my pants reading the search phrases. Too much.


Oh. My. Gawd.
My question to you is ... Where do I BUY the collection of cock socks? I'm ever so curious to see them. I'm picturing knitted tubes in brightly coloured stripes.
Say "hi" to Rod ;)


Now, come on. Be honest.

Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk

What does it say about me that I uttered "that's what she said" just before scrolling down and seeing that you wrote it?

Fortunately, I was nowhere near close to guessing any of those googled phrases. Too, too, funny.


I think the letter obsession is somehow related to the boggle obsession--or was that your mom? That was my favorite blog! I like letters too--probably related to me being a librarian. How do you check those keywords in google?


Yes letters are somehow addictive ....cheers katherine

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style

TOO funny on the search engine words, hmmm I wonder how they find my blog.... Love the stencils too, I found myself some metal ones too not long ago!

Tasha Griffin

I just found your blog. I was already smitten with the title and appearance, but the "that's what she said" comment put me over the edge! Love it!


Oh my gosh, I'm laughing so hard I'm crying. That's awesome.

bianca from pergolina

that sign makers kit is amazing! i have been looking for something just like it! if you ever find something like that again and want to sell it be sure to get in touch with me!

bianca from pergolina


was just wanting to comment on my coveting all the stencils....then the phrases. priceless. sanitary napkin belt? really. i think it might be with the 8-track player or the cotton gin? :)

Jim looking for armless chairs

Your collection is quite impressive. I only know of some people who are also into collecting alphabets as a hobby. I, myself, am in the habit of collecting armless chairs. I do not know what and why I started doing it but whenever we went out of the country, I always look for those kinds of chairs. I bought one from Bombay and have it shipped through FedEx. I now own 50 armless chairs to date and my husband is complaining about it because there is no more space for it. I am hoping that you are not experiencing the same situation that I am in right now.


There is a sign marker on ebay like that one! Its cool

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