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June 11, 2010



for the love of god ...

Shara @ monkeybox

Woo Hoo! Or should I say Hoo Haw! I bought a big old book all about Syphllis the other day. It is absolutely hilarious/stomach turning. Not to be read during mealtime, I assure you!

Pam Fromuth

Wow! Even girls from one of "Pennsylvania's finest boarding schools" have stinky lady bits?!? Now that's something!
P.S. I recently found a 1940 book entitled "How to Attain and Practice THE IDEAL SEX LIFE". Sadly, there are no illustrations.
Will be posting about it soon.


I absolutely ADORE you!!!


Well, my dad has always said, you learn something new every day if you're not careful...and this posting takes the cake! I now have another item to look for when I go to the flea markets...old books on sex. Who knew?

You are a hoot!


oh my heavens, i'd say you definitely got your dollar's worth!

jennifer gidaro

I must admit that reading your posts are better than watching cable TV. I'm going to direct my friends to your site even if they're not interested in antiques just for the pure entertainment factor.

Shabby Vintage Junk

Hey Colleen....!!

GREAT finds as ALWAYS & I LOVE the book....Makes ME so HAPPY to be a woman of today as opposed to yesteryear....!!

Hope you have a GREAT weekend....!

Tamarah :o)


And as I always say, what's not to love about the dutch?

Hailey Mann

perfect blog post read this crappy SATURDAY morning in the office.


Lol, that is one entertaining book!


That book is awesome!


Oh my gosh that book is hilarious. Believe me I'll take your advice.


I wonder who was interviewing boarding school girls about their secretions! Great finds and I agree the $1 bargains are quickly becoming a thing of the past.


Sometimes paying higher-than-garage-sale prices for items is worth it. It helps avoid those bruises you get from kicking yourself.

I hope that book also gave advice for what to do about laughter-induced peeing your pants!

Happy hunting,
Teresa <)))~~

Tracy J

Oh my gosh...way too hilarious!!!

Beth Marie

Thanks, I was eating . . .

Vintage Venus

Great finds! Great blog. xx


I love these vintage finds, the first picture is such a stimulating treasure. I love the black bucket and the vintage book. I love flipping through these kinds of books every chance I get, too funny. Right now I'm working a book from the 40s that describes all modern art as "sadistic" and a "reflection of insanity" about 100,000 times. Too fun.


One of your finest posts yet! :)


I just found your blog & love it, always in need of a good laugh--so funny! Thanks.


i think we need a group where we can post bits from the sex/physical/instructional/medical/marital vintage books so we can have a good laugh when we need it and think "oh thank goodness, things ARE different Now"!

i think douching was over emphasized as most women wore sanitary napkins, did NOT bathe every day and douching was Suppose to Prevent Pregnancy....


and i am Totally opposed to 'Stimulation Without Gratification'

but am wondering if living in Pennsylvania leads to an over abundance of Leucorrhea?


O.M.G... Oh man... that is Priceless...Thank you for an awesome way to start a Friday full of laughter :)


one of the best blog reads of the month. from any blog. super great. thanks!


Too funny...only you would find these books! Wonder if that author lived long enough to learn that "that discharge" is actually part of ovulation - the way sperm can live to get to destination...my gawd, without it this author would never have been born!! Still great reading while drinking with friends. ;)


Leona Chalmers was a genius! If only I had dried my feet maybe I wouldn't have been divorced these past 15 years.
Does she have any advice for those of us who get hot flashes - different soap perhaps?

Into Vintage

Awesome. And educational. I wish I could find that old magazine I bought solely for the ad recommending douching with ... LYSOL. Ah, the good old days.


Amazing finds! I want to go to garage sales with you!

Christine in Dc

I feel so robbed for not having seen this on facebook. Oh well...this was worth the wait. Too. Friggin. Funny. Now that I know that my leucorrhea is from too much over-sexual excitement without gratification, I think I know what to do. :) Oh, and how do we think that investigation of the lovely girls in the boarding school went down?

Cindy Lyles

OMG this book is hilarious - I too am and totally opposed to 'Stimulation Without Gratification'! And wtf about 'not dilating the vagina with mechanical devices' - I guess we took the batteries out of our dildos back then...lol...


looks like one of those cotton tablecloths on the left, I love those things, and wish to God I had loved them as much a few years back when they could be found everywhere for a song. Now they are cheap if you can find them for $25. I got lucky a month or so ago when I came across a few at a thrift for $3 each.


May I vent for a moment? Yes? Thank you.
I went to an estate sale today put on by a company who is notorious for their jacked-up prices. They had a number of these tablecloths, and they were beautiful.

They wanted $20 apiece for them.

$20!!! Apiece!!!

I was so annoyed. I left without buying anything, which is unheard of for me.

Thanks for letting me vent!


That Keuken pail is worth quite a bit! I have an old enameled one that says "vegetables" in Dutch that I brought back from Holland (my husband is Dutch). Sounds like you got a great deal!

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