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July 14, 2009


Lisa Chapman

enamel ware is light and you could use it to add some height to your displays (turn a bowl upside down or a rectangular pan on it side) - plus it won't break.

you could use old folding wooden rulers/yardstick like frogs and stand pictures or such up in to display

If you do a children's theme booth/items - do you have an old doll that you could pin items to its clothes that are for sale (i.e. baggies of epherma)

I will keep thinking. These are just what popped into my head when I read your entry.


"Definitely won't make many friends handing out a card with a pink dollhouse zombie standing next to a toilet." -- I don't agree! I think this will be the hot ticket card! And let's be honest -- if someone doesn't get a kick out of that image, do you really want that person as a friend? :)

Anyway - the cards look great. We have the skinny version for Yard Sale Bloodbath (with a whole variety of tantalizing photos, natch) and they are always a hit!

Heather Collins

I think the linens and paper idea is great. Would you be able to get to a store while you are there? Maybe you could just pick up boxes/shelves/or what not cheep enough that you wouldn't feel bad leaving it behind? I'm sure you will come up with something very cute. And I would definitely take the ob-gyn book. What woman wouldn't love it?!


No ideas for display, but you might want to see if it'd be cheaper to ship your stuff ahead instead of checking the bag both ways. A lot of hotels will let you ship stuff to them.

Caroline's Lost and Found

Oh, love the cards....I may have to buy some for me! I agree about trying to ship the items...that may be easier and cheaper? Oh, do you have a vintage suitcase that you can use to carry your clothes in and then use it in the display too? Have fun!!

leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville

schhhh-weet cards! LOVE those. I'm Gonna hook ME up!
I know your display will rock! Wish I were going. Would love to B-U-Y!


Oh, I want one of the pink dollhouse zombie cards! How awesome!!! :)

I was also going to suggest using a vintage suitcase either as a carry-on or packed inside of another suitcase.
If you decide to find a few boxes when you get to the event, just drape them with vintage fabrics or barkcloth....

BTW, I love your blog. What's not to love, since you have vintage treasures, great photography and humorous posts.
Have fun at BlogHer.


Thanks for the coupon code (from a fellow paper-obsessed nerd). For displays...jumbo clothespins to give a little height to paper items or regular size ones to hang small items. Or...bring some unfolded boxes (like USPS Priority Mail ones) and then fold them and cover with linens or other vintage fabric as display stands.


coolest business cards ever...
I love ephemera myself. Folding plate stands work well for displaying books/photos. I also thought you might take things in a vintage suitcase and use it in the display - then realized two readers had the idea before me.


For display, take along some small flattened cardboard boxes. Put them together once you're there and drape with extra linens you bring along for that purpose. Lightweight, easy, and different boxes create differing heights! Perfect!


For travel display,I have had luck stuffing rectangular brown bags(non printed) of varying sizes for light items. You could also use prettier shopping bags or stacks of those white pop-up gift boxes available in stationery or chain stores that pack flatbefore and after.
I love your moo card ideas AND the forties Jack and Jill illustrations...see how my "fresh vintage" style illustrated alphabet books fit with your aesthetic! Hope you will see my samples at blogher next week with MomMadeThat, who is carrying my cards and samples. Wish I could be there as I am new to online business and blogs. Here's a slideshow. Have fun at the show! http://etsylove.ning.com/profile/JoanneGilbert


If you have hatboxes, that would add some height (and they're light, and you can nest them). I have 14 of them, but you're too far away!!!!

Do loads of blogging from Blogher. I'm kicking myself for not going with you

Holly Piper-Smith

Love your cards so much! I'm on the lookout for a place that will print cards with rippled/pinked edges, like on old photos. Have you come across anything like that?


Love the cards! I even love the box the cards came in (how's that for paper-nerdiness!)
No experienced advice for your show-sorry!-but I do want to wish you good luck!


Building on Sue's comment, see if you can find a Michael's near the conference--buy some of the plain papier mache boxes, which also nest! You can usually find the plain brownish ones or an off-white kind. These are inexpensive, shouldn't clash with your stuff, can stack to build height for your display, nest, and you can even pack your smaller goodies inside them. Please post pictures when you get back! And, I'm loving your freshblogtips.


Hey Colleen-Greetings from Yak-i-Vegas!
Had an idea this am...how about foam core. Cut foam core to desired lengths, as an example, 2 at 12" x 24" and 2 at 12" x 12", decopage sheet music etc to the foam core, cut 6" slits on ea. side of 'shelf', then another 6" slit on the side panels, slide together to form a 'bookcase' effect (kinda like how the old balsa wood airplanes fit together). you could easily transport in one of your suitcases and no need to worry about bringing it home. (Of course the little suitcase that fits into the BIG suitcase to be able to bring treasures home in!)
Have a great trip!

Chesco Mom

Love the Moo cards!
Hope you have a GREAT time at Blog Her! I went to the reach out in Boston last October (much, much smaller than the main conference) and had a BLAST! So I can only imagine how much fun you are going to have. Are you going with friends? There are a few gals from Chesco going I can connect you to.

Chester County Moms


Your Moo cards are fantastically snazzy!

I hope you have a wonderful time at BlogHer! I think the lighter vintage ephemera items you mentioned will be perfect. Could you perhaps bring your items on the plane in a vintage suitcase? That could work double duty as a transporter and a display item.


Sometimes take a situation and make a display theme,if you cant beat it....if you are selling small items get big brown grocery bags and little lunch bags use the big bags as back drop,cut some open as table cloths,tags etc. the little ones for the items sold. Maybe hit a produce market and gather boxes with cool labels,those great wood/cardboard baskets that the fruit come in could be grand! buy some fruit,and pretty napkins that pick up the fruit and box colors. I think a combination of both with a name like fresh vintage! Good luck,take lots of photos
Have fun

Debi Ward Kennedy

ACK! Colleen, I've been so busy with shows that i haven't checked your blog for awhile.... I'm so sorry I didn't chime in with any helpful hints even after you mentioned me! I know you'll come up with some great stuff but don't forget the 'oldest trick in the book' which is a clothesline with clothespins to hang stuff from - across the edge of the table, or held up with thumbtacks on the wall, etc.

It's kind of the 'hooker' of display tricks: everybody's done it at least once. ;0)

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