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October 30, 2008



Oh my goodness, this was too funny and a great shot!

Jersey Girl in DC

That photo is SO GREAT and reminds me of pics of me and all my cousins when we were little. We're SO excited for the Phils! We really miss being back in Philly. We watched Action News online last night because there was almost no coverage here in DC on our news.

young c-m

Wow, now that's a throwback. =)

Jessica K.

Our mother's must have been seperated at birth. She too, thought that looking like a girl was overrated. My butch haircut was complimented by me running around in the summertime without a shirt on (at least until I was 8).

Go Phillies!


Love the photo. I too endured short hair cuts...I think they were supposed to be the Dorothy Hamill doo. Up until about sixth grade I was often referred to as a boy...so embarrassing.
happpy halloween


Oh Collie! Where did you find that picture?


Luv your blog and I joined your facebook group. Great pics.


Colleen, did you ever think that sometimes bad things are done for good reasons? Take me,for instance,I kept my kids hair short because they came down with cooties two years in a row. It was just easier that way.
Your mother sounds like a saint to me.
Love your blog.


Eileen is funny. good one. i am laughing out loud. Hey Col- Isn't our mom's name Eileen? That's a coincidence.


Thanks, Mom, for telling the freshvintage world we had cooties. Maybe it should be stated that we got cooties once because someone stopped our 1975 green station wagon to pick up a random baseball hat off the street (Bay Avenue in Brigantine, NJ). Of course, all of us fought over that hat which was infested with cooties. LOL.


Now that is a classic pic! I don't remember that but I have vague memories of driving around with a tin-foil Stanley Cup.


I only had to endure the short haircut for one year. To make it sound more appealing my mother called it a "Pixie Cut". I hated it.

And I never had cooties. I was protected throughout my childhood by writing "cootie proof" on my hand.

PS I would so totally love to come to your antique fair, wish I didn't live 3000 miles away.

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