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August 23, 2008



Wowie Zowie - that is a fabulous haul! I am turning green with envy! Great finds.


Good post! On the sex chart, I love how they assume the married woman takes a lover between the "Change of Life" and becoming widowed. Certainly written by a man. Pass the pitcher of SKYY Lime-Lite!


I love that sex book. I'm a nursing student in the OB/GYN field and this is just hilarious to me. Especially the wedding night part haha.


I just discovered your blog and I must say, those sex books are AHHH-MAZING. I have to disagree, however, about the wedding night page - I think it looks quite useful. After all, the last thing a nervous bride needs is a moment of panic in which she suddenly realizes that she doesn't know where her levatator muscle is located.


What great stuff!! All at one sale too...you hit the jackpot.

I think you should deliver that book to his mailbox...Lol. We'd be seeing you on the evening news for sure. Deflowering. Wow. What a word.


I wonder what they thought when you wanted to buy all the sex books?

Linda and Laura Lilly Cottage

Now if they only had the flash cards for all of it...that could be handy....kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage.


Great haul! I collect old games so when I go to auctions and see a pile of old games, I get such a rush! You got some really cool stuff! And only $15! Awesome!

Joanne Greene

Those sex books are Priceless!!


That book is hilarious! I want to borrow it, have friends over, and do a reading from it. With lots of margaritas.

kitschen pink

Love those dominoes but need a cup of tea after all those gruesome diagrams! At first glance I thought it must be a book on geology! Poor girl who's mother gave her this to read! t.x

Jenna Z.

Oh, no! Dn't leave Joe the sex books! I was hoping your new blog would be a page-a-day from them!


That book is almost as funny as the Red Cross handbook they gave us at work. At least we now both know how to properly wrap a groin injury. As a matter of fact, this just inspired me to go look for that thing for a good laugh!


Wow...you got some amazing stuff! I had that map when I was little...hmmm, I wonder what my mom did with it..lol.



Next on CNN - Biden found with pornography in his mailbox. He denies everything. Woman seen leaving the scene . . . LOL

I want to go *junkin* with YOU!!!



That book is hilarious. I love it!


Is it wrong that the phrase "defloration on bridal night" makes me giggle a little? I must be channeling my inner 12-year-old boy today! Great finds! Thanks for sharing!

emily ruth

that is my dream sale too! & not just for the sex books...you never know how a good game of strip picture dominos is going to turn out...for mature persons only of course...

Darla - UltraBeautyBoutique

HAHHAHAH I love it!


haha. hilarious. biden certainly missed out.

Laura Duet

This has to be THE BEST bunch of stuff anyone ever bought at an estate sale!!!!!! I am drooling and green! Glad it went to someone with such appreciation!

Christine in DC

Absolutely hilarious! After looking at that diagram, I feel as if I might need to reexamine "down there" for accuracy... hee hee.


Wait a minute...after studying that sex chart I realize that old age starts at 55....eeeks, no wonder I have been feeling over the hill lately.

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