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June 12, 2008



TOOO cute!


That is so cool!

Tina Kercher

I'd love to see the vintage office you could set up with all your finds!


What a great little find!!


Wow - wonderful find! Truly.


What a great find. I've never seen anything like it before.


That's sooo diddy sweet! What's in the little door?! Ooh exciting find! Clever you!


That is so cool. I've never seen one of those. What a great find. I love old office supplies.


I have a different version with boxes resembling the "Gummed Labels" box in yours. I've seen another eBay seller describing yours as the kitchen version.

Do you have any idea of how old these are? My guess was 1940's to 1960's. Another online seller I saw had a smaller version and estimated it at 1950's to 1970's.

Anyway, I think it's a pretty cool find. Is your "bookcase" actually made of wood? It looks that way. Mine is just heavy paperboard.


I love these!! I posted awhile back on a similar set - you can see them here...

Great blog!


Ohmygod they are so cute. i would love to add them to my blog which has a section on vintage tape.
what a great find!


Donna Stewart

how do I find the value of this, [my boxes make picture of a train] and the mending tape on a wooden spool as well I own both


Two really innsxeepive ways to get awesome furniture specially if you like crafts.- Buy unfinished furniture and paint or finish it yourself.- Buy used furniture from tag/estate sales, flea markets, Salvation Army, Good Will and recycle. It is green, trendy, original, helps the planet, save some trees and if you buy from Good Will and Salvation Army, your money will go towards helping a lot of needy people as well.Not to mention you can find some vintage pieces you will not fin anywhere else. You update it a bit, and you will have an original.


You look so cute. And yes I agree! I loathe seineg thighs and bums alll over the place in the slightest breeze! I just cut all my leggings into undershorts when they get worn out. xxx

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