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April 01, 2008



Good lord, those things are going to give someone nightmares.


Loves me some scary zombie plastic dollies! The girl with the turquoise shirt and red skirt has no eyes-- I think she's dead inside. Sweet!

Great (freaky) finds...


Too funny - I think the plastic dolls might be German...


You make me laugh, fab finds yet again!


I was looking at the older post about "The Doll Family"
I have that book and for some reason I loved it as a kid and I think I turned out pretty normal. I wonder why I liked it now?>?
They are pretty creepy. I have to find it and look at it again.


They look like tiny little posessed cult members. I think the one with the hat is the leader and the poor lass without the legs has just been used "as an example" to the rest of them.


Wow, what great finds. I'm totally jealous! We have nothing good where I live.


I rarely find train cases at the thrift... I've only managed to pick up one so far! I am, however, developing a vintage luggage problem. :)

Lisa B.

Thanks for the belly laugh!!! That's too funny!!!


Those dolls look a little scary!!


The tin dollhouse I had when I was a little girl had that pink furniture. Sort of wish I had saved it...

robin~thrifty miss priss

oh my gosh! I had that doll house furniture! I'd get frustrated that the table legs would get wonkey and I'd end up just chewing on them! :)


Ha Ha Ha. I like the cannibal doll.


LOL! Don't let those dolls in your bedroom at night! Freaky little things. :)


Great finds, as always. My husband hates dolls. He thinks they'll try to kill him when he sleeps. That could be a problem because we are expecting twins and one baby is a girl. She'll be the only girl ever with no dolls because Daddy's scared.


I just linked to your blog from "Basically Unemployable." That makes two brilliant new finds for me in one night in the blogosphere. I love these photos especially and you have a tremendous eye. I get a raft of you-know-what from my Husband after attending the local country auction every couple of weeks, but I keep doing it and bringing stuff home and selling a little of it on Ebay has taken on an interest for me that feels, hmmm, dubious. Still, it's so fun! I love your blog, the writing and the pictures.


Okay...I have been "speed reading" so I might have missed mention of it, but WHAT camera are you using? The depth, color and EVERYTHING looks fantastic! That pink zombie thing freaks me heck out...yet oddly... I love it.

And I ALWAYS say "No more luggage or train cases" and then...I sell 4 on one random Saturday.

What is that about?????

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