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March 01, 2008



Great finds!! It does pay to schmooze. I love the ledger book.
Have a great weekend!


I have that same picnic box! Mine's pretty banged up, but I love it anyway. Great finds, as usual!


Great stuff. Can you feel the envy from upstate NY? The handwriting book is the best.


HA!! on the egg comment, how things change over the years lol!! Nice nice finds, so glad you did well with the suitcase, always worth asking about a better price isnt it?
Alicia ~ time worn style


Wow...look how perfect that handwriting is in the ledger! Some people have the prettiest writing even when it is fast...mine isn't. I remember my cousin's grandfather wrote like he had an invisible ruler beneath - taught penmanship must've gone out by the time I started school.
When I saw the title of your post I wondered why you mentioned "ringing in the ears"...that annoying disorder that afflicts many people for no reason (like moi)...aging sucks.


Love the pickling comment! lol

Wish I could go with you on these great hunting trips...you score such great stuff!

robin~thrifty miss priss

wow! Great finds- love all the vintage notebooks! You had me cracking up at the pickling comment!


Cool stuff! I think I'd have bought every single thing you did. Those tin picnic baskets are impossible to find around here. I don't think I've ever run across one "in the wild" and only a handful at shops.

Lee W.

hey- email me- I'd love to buy the ledger from you.


i love those canning labels -- and would buy them from you! (if you're selling!)

xo Abbey


Great finds, Love the baby book.


Lori Wostl

Don't use those labels even on your liver. If they are the real thing they take about 3 years to get off the jar once it's empty. First hand experience - sigh. Thanks for the good read. Cabin fever is high today, snowing again in Colorado...double sigh.

Brierley & Clover

Love the baby book - what a treasure! Labels are great too!

Jodie R.

I love old tin picnic baskets! I found one at a thrift store a year or two ago for just a couple bucks. I was so worried they were going to say the price was a mistake when I checked out, but they didn't! Yay!


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