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January 03, 2008



Happy New Year. I'm glad the cruise was a success. I love your vintage finds, and your boggle story really made me laugh.
Looking forward to reading your blog in 2008.
Cathy X


Great finds! And that Boggle story had me rolling... At least she does something to keep her brain working while she is spending time in the pooper, rather than reading trashy magazines or staring at the wall!


Hey, Colleen. Just wanted to say, that if you are going to use my bodily functions as a means to an "end" (so to speak), then I think you had better get your facts straight.
My all time Big Boggle high score is 111 words in 3 minutes.
Really though, I do appreciate the new game. The letters are starting to wear off on the game I have now. You are a GOOD daughter. Love and kisses, Mama


With lunch breaks like yours, it almost, and I mean almost, makes it worth going to work. Also, if every household with schoolage children had a boggle game in their bathroom, we could eliminate illiteracy in one generation.


LOL Lucky score. Thrifting has been totally dry here for months now. :-(

Kim Campbell

Love the Boggle story! I have 2 milk glass lamps like that...


Ok the story was funny, but when your mom chimes in it is not EVEN funnier. 111 got it.


That Boggle story is wild! Love it!

Mandy Baker

Love the lunch hour finds. I love to make the rounds to the local junk shops during my lunch too!

jennifer Paganellli

this is great would love to know your moms reaction...love your writing,photos and stuff...nice getting to know you..jennifer


Awesome story. Just think of the new Google keywords this one will bring! LOL

Great scores--your thrift stores must be amazing. I'm drooling over the crepe paper--I've been on the hunt for months now. Is it the older stuff with the more cloth-like texture or is it more like the new stuff?


welcome back from the cruise and the holidays!! I was sad to hear it wasn't porn on the big screen, but the boggle story made up for it x10!!!
Hmm. lucky ass find on the aqua shelf, I happen to be in the market for one exactly like it for my bathroom.

Lisa Johnson

Hey Cooleen,

(ha ha, that was on purpose cuz you are so cool-okay, I know, I'm the biggest dork ever.)

I'm so glad you are back from your trip and are blogging again. I have missed your thrifty finds and funny stories. Thanks for putting both in this post. Looking forward to many more laughs from you in 2008! Best wishes for the new year to you and your family.



Great finds...and your mom's story boggled my mind!


Oh my, I have solved the problem! Get her a laptop and she can play weboggle online. She can play 4x4 or 5x5. Just do a google search for it and she'll love it! And best of all, no boggle shake anymore!


Is your mother going to kill you for writing about that on the world wide web???

As always, I can't believe the great stuff that you find. Your thrift shops are amazing.


Oh gosh, the Boggle story had me busting a gut. My little one came into the room to ask me what's so funny. Thanks for sharing that one!


I am laughing right now.
You are hilarious. I'm sure your mom is loving your blog today.
I love the crepe paper.
Have a great weekend!


Good thing we have blogs, so we can now embarrass our moms back. Payback is a b!tch.

I completely agree that the story's hysterical, but Mom chiming in to correct you takes the cake.


Wow you always seem to find such great bargains, I love everything. Funny Boggle story, my favourite game...great idea to keep one in the loo, that's where mine's going to be stored now! And funny to see your Mum fighting her corner!!


Your Mom must be REALLY laid back....mine would make the 5 hour drive to my house and kill me.


Hi, Col, it's me again, your Mom. I just wanted to thank Wendy for telling me about Weboggle online. Oh, my God. I'm hooked !!! Now, I'll get to sit in a regular seat, sometimes. Ha Ha. Love, Mama

Sandy Benson

That story is absolutely priceless.


you must get your great sense of humor from your Mom!!! ::))


oh, gosh you have the funniest stuff! :D there has to be a boggle tournament somewhere for your mom to get into & win.
great thrift finds there...I was cleaning out my cabinets & I am amazed at how many milk glass lamps I have collected! I do like milk glass.


What a wonderful, hysterically funny story. I forwarded your blog to MY MOM so she could get a chuckle as well. Love your blog.


Your story had me totally laughing out loud. It reminded me of my friend's story about her uncle who had an electronic poker game on the back of the toilet...I now refer to him as "Poker Ted." :)


Yo, Sis - - You DO have a laptop to play Weboggle online. I can see it now, you're going to redo your bathroom again to fit in a table for it. Colleen, you are just toooooo funny. Your mom always beat me, too!


I suddenly feel like visiting a thrift shop! Pretty fabrics :)


That was an excedllent story...I am now on the look out for a Boggle game of my own. If you know what I mean.

tina Fey


This might just go under my "favorite blog post EVER"...and that your mother left a comment makes it even more pure perfection! I would SO be out of the will....


oh my God, how your post made me laugh! And your mom is such a good sport to let you share. I am VERY impressed with her record of 111 in 3 minutes!

popsicles & lollipops

This is Margaret. And I am pissed about you having my chess board. :-) Once I found an antique (small) diamond ring pinned to the inside of a vintage suit at the elbow. I wore it twice before I noticed it. I apparently am not very sensitive in my elbow area, but I make up for it in my hypersensitivity to corny commercials which make me weep. Go figure! I went back to the Goodwill I bought it at with the suit in hand and asked if there was any way to track down the donor. They had no idea who had brought it in and told me it was mine. So if anyone is reading this and you are missing your dainty diamond ring from an early 50's pink boucle suit, donated approximately 15 years ago, I have your ring, but sadly, not the suit. Also, be sure you buy your mom a laptop so she can be in her comfort zone while weboggle-ing. :-)

rachel carlson

OH MY GOODNESS, your mom's story is hilarious, in a good way of course. you have a great way of painting visuals - tee, hee!


i laughed so hard at this.
gotta find my boggle set now.
julie harris

bathroom shelf

Ok, it's time to head into the basement and see what's wasting away down there. Great story!


I never knew the story 'behind' your mother so I clicked at the other post and found our here. She is such a good sport.


am on a mission to look for boogle games in my thrift store sweep-throughs.
i want that doll!


My favoritest post ever!

Wendy T

I am not an easy laugher, but I laughed out loud at this one...so did my 2 1/2 year old and 9 month old 'cause they laugh when I do.

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