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January 19, 2008


Monkey Giggles

The chair is very cool.

julie (jane's apron)

cool, cool office chair...and I love the orange.


Love the orange walls! I wanna paint one of our rooms orange too :) Rose


What a great bunch of scores! And I love the orange, with the pretty white trim... if only I were so industrious!


Love the orange! Very fun color. I've always wanted to paint a room orange but I just don't have the right place for it.


Those are some seriously terrific thrifting finds! And I love the orange, it looks so warm and friendly.


Wow, those are some very cool finds - good for you!


Words cannot express how awesome that colour is for your living room. I cannot believe that you and I have the same taste in vintage things AND that we have both picked the same kind of colour for our living room- I'm painting mine hopefully in the Spring a pumpkin shade...


You scored well!!! And I say "dido"! You can paint your walls what ever you like, it looks cool, and they are just jealous!!


The colors are so you!! Livin' Life out loud!!!
I may have to arm wrestle you for that ice bucket......
Thanks for making me/us smile today..
Have a Great week!!!


Who cares what the neighbors think!!
I love color!
You found some great stuff as usual.
Have a great week,


I love thrifting and am due for an adventure! Thanks for the inspiration & may you never be neutral! Kelley


Hi again Colleen, I have tagged you, please check my blog!!


I love it all!

I'm having a giveaway - I hope you will come over and check it out.

Meredith from Merchant Ships

I used the exact same Mandarin paint on the inside of my dark green armoire, which I keep open for display.

To me, it looks like a ripe melon cut open.

The more I live with these natural colors, the more I grow to love them.

Here's hoping you will too!


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leslie thorstensen

I Love the Chicken Lamp

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