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January 07, 2008



Good luck!


Maybe if you put Tina Fey in a bunch of titles when she googles herself, and you know she does, she'll come across your blog.Or do a whole post of why Tina Fey would enjoy a variety of your vintage finds and what she could do with them .. and really, why wouldn't she want to read your blog.. its hilarious.

I'll be waiting for the f-bombs.


Love her too!!
She should read your blog it's hilarious.


Hey,Col. I always taught you kids to shoot for the stars. And,now you might really get the chance. Ha, Ha. Can I play Liz Lemon's lesbian love interest's Big Boggle playing mother? Only asking. Love, Mama


I am also a fellow Feynatic and have also daydreamed (after reading her Am Ex questionnaire) that we are friends, taking our daughters who are similar in age to coffee and playground and flea market...and then we get married...oh, sorry.

May the Fey force be with you. I'm sure she's already an avid fan of yours.


Oh...Tina Fey is my hero. In my mind, I am sure we'd spend hours together laughing and talking about....um....er....something really funny.

After seeing her Amex ad...I knew we'd talk about flea market finds:)))

Jenna Z

This post reminds me of an obsession I had last summer with Amy Sedaris and I was bound and determined to get her to join my craft group! I sent her the most awesome letter and application to join and I got back a postcard. Signed by Amy Sedaris but it is no gushing letter of acceptance and instructions to the next meeting like I was hoping for.


Happy New Year-I am sooo glad you are back from your cruise. I look forward to reading your entries.


I *heart* Tina Fey...you know what they say about those 6 degrees of seperation...I am sure she is just a hop, skip and click away:)


You've got me laughing hysterically. If Tina doesn't find your blog and laugh her A@# off, she is missing out. Good luck with your search to find her, I know you will.

jennifer Paganellli

good luck with your goals I believe in writing it down and watching it happen...all the best in the world, Jennifer


Who wouldn't wuve your adowable website.Tina Fey would be lucky to ready it! Also... I kind of feel the same way about your awesome sense of humour and sense of style. What you do is so beautiful, I find myself saying "if only she would take a look at my website and leave a comment, I feel like we like some of the same stuff and see it in the same way..."


You are hilarious! Seriously. I love Tina Fey too - in almost a stalker-like fashion, it's not good. If she comes over here be sure and send her my way after...



This is one of my favorite blog posts I've read in all my "bleading" years! You go, girl! I am so stealing this idea...I just have to narrow down which celebrity I'd like to read my blog. Julia Child comes to mind, but that might be tricky.


Oh my, thanks for the great laugh this morning!! I love Tina Fey, too - she's f-ing hilarious!

jan hunyady

Tina Fey fan here!!!!!!

If she's cool enough for flea markets....then she's gotta read cool blogs.

Yours ranks right up there when it comes to great, funny, etc etc blogs.

Hi Tina!!!!! (just in case she reads your blog) Better safe than sorry!


I wasn't interested in rnadieg it until I read your review. Just rnadieg that one sentence you wrote, makes me feel like I can totally relate to her. I thought I was queen of turning anything into anxiety!

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