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November 07, 2007


tracy m

OH MAN! Those rock, and I'm wishing wishing wishing I was at your that sale- I have size 12 feet, and finding shoes is such a rarity- even in stores!

It must be the German blood- I'm Bavarian. Email me if your mom ever wants to get rid of more shoes- or if she has a secret place for even finding them!


Yo, Colleen. There you go again !! Telling the world that I walk around with size 12's, when you know damn well that I wear a 10 1/2 or 11. This embellishing, just for the sake of humor, has got to stop. Need I remind you about the grueling 9 months I carried you around in my womb. No wonder my feet grew a whole size. Enough is enough. Love, Mama
P.S. Just wait til little petite Maeve starts to show signs of huge feet. Have you ever heard of karma ?


What a cool style! I've never seen those. Love Born, though. It's hard to wear anything but. However, I don't do flats. When you're not quite 5' tall, every little bit of heel you can get helps. So guess I won't be looking for that style. :-(

Wanda - size 7-1/2

Lisa Johnson

Colleen, your ability to amuse never fails. I just re-read your post about the garage sale and your mom's size 12 feet. Loved the comments from your mom and others. Especially the one about sending the shoes to the Lost cast. Too funny!



Tracy - I'll ask my mom if she has a secret place where she buys her enormous shoes. I think her most fave store is called Barnum & Co. Or something like that.

Lisa - the post about the Lost cast is courtesy of my older sister, Megan (who really is a farmer's wife).

Mom- why do all of your shoes say "size 12" inside of them? Do you just buy them a little bit bigger so you can grow into them? Just kidding. We all know that you are a size 11. I was mistaken in my previous post. I was sooooo off base. HEY EVERYONE...MY MOM WEARS A SIZE 11, NOT A SIZE 12!!! Please forgive me. I hope I am still your favorite! ; )


I wear size 8 too. It's the average size.

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

So exciting that you have found a place to sell your things! Can't wait to hear about it!


A Fresh Vintage store?? Say it isn't so!


I'm in the size 8 club as well. Love those shoes!


Petite Maeve may have the other side of the family karma..did you know they make men's shoes in size 7 Yes, Pop Pop Yak is living proof.


I know of a Bowling Alley going out of bus.. Maybe you can buy their bowling shoes, they look the same!!


I'm Asian and I wear a size 12 (ok,11) too,so I can feel the German lady's excitement at discovering the treasure trove of shoes :)
I can hardly find pretty shoes that fit me without hurting my toes.
And you and your mum are hilarious!


Hey Grumpy, don't laugh, I just picked up a pair of actual bowling shoes at a friends' swap. They are stylin'!

Colleen - glad you are digging the Borns! If you hadn't spoken up I might have been tempted to just cram my size 8.5 - 9 tootsies into them and that would have just been sad.


Hi Colleen
I'm always looking for places to find Vintage items but not very lucky on where to go everything is picked over. Any help would be appreciated you have great stuff! I live in Massachusetts about 15 mins from the Salem, NH line and 45 mins from Boston.

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