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September 20, 2007


Kim Campbell

Lucky you (except for the waitress, geez!) I love Cape May!


Wow, I love those tags!

Sarah M.

I LOVE tea-staining! Love your tags! I just got done tea-staining a lampshade, and it turned out pretty great-- just needs some pom pom trim 'round the bottom. :)

I use a metal dish drainer and end up with stripes on my things.

Thoroughly enjoy your blog. Everything is so up my alley. Love it! xo


Those furniture tags are swell! And the little accidental polka-dots look cute too.


Of course we missed you! And, you forgot to mention that you're getting ready for Renninger's, riiiiiight?


I always chuckle reading your posts (huh, I've never used the word chuckle before!)
If I come across any old price tags I'll send 'em to you. Never realized some have cool graphics.

Jenna Z

Ooh, those are lovely. (both your tea-dyed and the ebay find!) There is an old folk song called Dollar Down and a Dollar a Week about paying on credit. Installment plans were first pushed in full force in the 1920s. I may try out your tea-dyeing idea on a metal basket I have. Only thing is, I couldn't do very many at a time, poo. Thanks for the idea!


What a fun and unexpected result! Your tea-stained polka-dot tags are great. And your idea of using a fancy iron grate is to dry them on is brilliant!


All I need is for Colleen to foist another addiction on me- vintage sale tags! Great, now I want to get some too! As if my house was not filled with stuff already. Colleen- you really have an artist's eye- the bow wrapped around that price tag; that is so perfect. I miss you but I wasn't too worried- I thought you were doing your antiques show-can't wait to hear all about that once you've done your show.


"Comfortable furniture breeds an enviable reputation for hospitality" - catchy! I wonder what my furniture breeds...


LOVE the "happy accident"! And those old tags are awesome-
great find!


Yes I have missed you. I noticed you were gone. I missed your great sense of humor. You always make me laugh.
I love those tags. I may have to start bidding on some too!
I heard that you can also dye them in coffee. I don't know, I haven't tried it.
Have a really great weekend. By the way, what kind of waitress was that?


At least your using the bowl and roasting pan for SOMETHING!!! I knew it wouldn't be cooking!


OK. Now I've got to tea dye some tags. That's a great idea! And a whole lot cheaper than buying the tags in the scrapbooking section. Can't wait to try it. Hmmm....what can I lay them on to dry? I bet I've got something around here....

I always hated places that weren't kid friendly. My children were generally very well behaved and I resented them (me) being treated like they were about to tear the place apart.


Wow - I love all those old tags! What an awesome purchase.

(your polka dot ones turned out great, too. I'd like to try that but not sure what to do with the tags! :) )


those are too cool...& the polka dot ones? to die for:)


Well, I like your ebay tags, but I loooove the tea dyed ones you made. The dots are terrific. I just bought a bunch of tags to play with last week, but i never thought of tea dying them. Great idea.


What do you do with the tags? Just wondering so I'll know if I need to find some. :)

Layla Palmer

The effect that happened while tea-staining those tags is AWESOME! I found your blog while searching for "vintage price tags" on Google. Glad I did! I'll never miss another post. :-)

Stop by my place sometime, if you'd like!



These tags are just gorgeous.

Rose-Anne Bishop

These are wonderful. I have a love of all things vintage and I am considering becoming a vintage wedding decorator. This is inspiring. Thank you.


Coleen, do you have any of those house tags left? Thank you-Valarie


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