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August 18, 2007





So funny!!!
Kids will be kids.


Your blog is absolutely hilarious. I truly enjoy it and laugh out loud! Love your yard sale finds and ebay successes also.


OMG! You are totally cracking me up. I haven't laughed that hard in ages. "Knitted peter heater?" Too too funny! I'll be smiling on that one for days! Thanks so much!



Love hearing stories like this - I can't say I ever threw coins at hookers, but it reminds me of all the funny and weird stuff I did do as a teenager. Favorite part: easy access turquoise dress - a very efficient ho. too mcuh!

Crafty Carolinagirl

Hilarious! Thanks for making me laugh on a Monday morning.


okay that is friggin' hysterical. You gotta love a story like that one!!



okay....I think I just wet myself laughing about the hooker story. And the "very efficient ho" line...OMG. I love the word Ho. :)

Zanzibar Bananahead

I feel bad for these young women!
I know it was many moons ago, but maybe you should put those black rectangles over their eyes to protect their identities. Like you said, they may have switched their lives around. Have mercy!

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