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February 18, 2007



Ah, but the ugly little black ones are great for kids crafts! Reindeer eyes, snowman buttons, you name it.


I love that cabinet!!! And, for $3? That is amazing.


love this! we had one when i was a kid, wonder what ever happened to it? great craft studio too.


Love the storage...am dreaming of making my own crafting space one day. You've done a lovely and thrifty job!


Oh, yard sale season is fast approaching again, and I CAN'T WAIT!!


If it makes you feel any better I have 5 bags of buttons that I won off Ebay a few weeks ago that I still need to sort through. I have to agree with Sarah even the uglies can be put to good use.

Great cabinet! I am also loving the color of your little bookcase peeking out from the right.


What great ideas to organize...I love the metal containers and your cabinet full of fabric.


I love your idea and wish my Target still has them. Great storage ideas! Here's my thought.....Perfect place for the uglies...send them to me. www.missionmakeover.org. We will figure out how to use them. Our girls make quilts and other items for charity.


p.s. one more thing. I love your storage ideas. I love taking old things and turning the into something else. I have an old metal CocaCola ice chest that I keep my dogs food in. It looks really cool in the kitchen. I need to photo and post on my blog. I love your sight and thoughts.


Buttons - lucky you! I love buttons. Mostly, I display my colored buttons in the old blue canning jars with lead lids. There are too many pearlies (mother of pearl) so they are stored in a glass gallon jar. Old plastic buttons are in a glass rolling pin. Even the ugly old coat buttons have a place in a large, round jar made into a lamp for my 'craft' room. The common black or brown buttons make great eyes for dolls & such. Just passing through but wanted to say congrats! on your button purchases.

Lisa Lee

I love your cabinet. I got one just like it for free, rehabbed it (bit of rust) and covered it in chalk paint and sold it in my shop for $225! I love the white better though!

Great pink cooler and I can't believe you got all that stuff at that ladies estate sale, especially the flower stand, I heart!!!

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