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January 31, 2007



I have used the tutorial at Soulemama for making twill tape labels before. She just printed right onto the twill tape. (You tape the twill tape down to a piece of paper or card, I can't remember which.) It worked brilliantly, and has held up to lots of washing on my son's daycare clothes.


What a great tutorial and lovely labels! Thanks for sharing it with us. I did something similar last week but mine was too boring--a simple "Made by June" thing that lacked any imagination whatsoever. I've also used Soulemama's technique on twill tape. I'm trying your idea next.


Those look great--very professional!


you did a fantastic job with your labels I love using that transfer paper
I just wisjh it was a little cheaper


Oh, Thank you! And I love your label design. I will file this under "must-try".


Very clever of you!
Come visit me!


They look really nice- good job!

Arlene Tomasetti

Love that tutorial! The labels came out adorable! I need to try that....someday, I'm a chicken!


Wow, this is just what I nee to do! What a super idea, thanks! I adore your blog...
Allison x


What a great idea! Can't wait to try it myself. Thanks for sharing!


I use extra wide bias tape instead of twill tape. Raveling is less of an issue with bias tape.


I tried your idea, but ironed the sheet onto an ecru bandana that I got at Michaels. I then used my pinking shears to cut them out and then sewed them on.

It worked fine for my purpose and was a bit quicker.

Caroline's Closet

Thanks for this great tutorial! I needed something like this for my custom kids clothes.


Found this blog doing a Google search for homemade twill tape labels. This is just what I was looking for! Thanks for posting such clear instructions for the techno-illerate folks, like Yours Truly. ;)


hi, i'd like to try this but was wondering can i have to use an ink jet printer?


Thanks..you have saved many of us from having to pay a ton of money to get our labels designed. I will be creating mine soon!



THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! this helped a lot. i was trying to find a way to make them myself instead of buying them! :)


Very cool :) I just bought the supplies and will be trying it soon!

Tia Curtis

This is SO Clever! Great job!


I was looking for a way to make labels for the things that I make and thankfully I found this site through searching on Google. I am new to selling my creations and money is tight at this time and I am so grateful to have found this because it works so great for what I currently needed. Thanks Again!!


Great idea!

Just my 2 cents worth:

1)My local Walmart sells packs of iron on transfer paper for less than $5. Only a few sheets, but is better if you don't need as many labels.

2) Kinkos sells the transfer paper by the sheet and will even do the copying for you at small cost. Used it once to put photos on a shirt.

3)The problem with printing directly onto the fabric is that you must have permanent ink. That is why in my opinion this is a better method (and why I don't use Soulemama's method. No offense, Soulemama ;}!) With the transfer paper your ink ends up sandwiched between the fabric and the transfer paper coating. This allows you to use a cheep printer or copy machine with the ink you already have. My mother uses this method to add photos to her quilts.

urban hen

These really are washable? I want to believe! They look so great.
I tried this way and after a washing the ink faded and bled a little bit. Where did I go wrong?
Thanks! :)


Your tutorial is really handy. I only search for tutorial when I got myself doing silly mistake. I forgot about doing printing out as mirror image. LOL


what about using a stamp and fabric ink on the twill tape? of course it would have to be a small custom stamp, but it should last forever


Your tutorial is really a great idea. But instead of ironing the label to twill tape I just cut them apart and iron them to my sewing project, saves time and sewing and it still looks the same.


You could also just iron it into the back of the clothing kind of like the tagless ones at the store!


Thanks for the tutorial. I have been looking for something just like this. I can't wait to try it!

Amelia Bedelia

hey. i wanted to write you and tell you how awesome this technique is!! i have yet to wash my tags, and have also yet to photograph them for you. heads up: i ordered print n' press on ebay from a seller (lefty something or other) and bought 2-10 packs for $34! including shipping. so each sheet ended up being $1.75. not bad considering i didn't leave the house.. god i love ebay. it has been bothering me that i need to get back on here and share this with you. and now i have, so i can rest easy.. i mean sew frantically! (you are currently my form of procrastination) anyway, i counted up my tags per sheet, and figured out i was spending less than 6 cents per tag! i also didn't try to cram them in like i could've.
So... thanx for sharing your secrets.
oh~ another thing i know, FOR SURE, is that if you have your ink cartridges filled the cheapo way, they will always run and bleed. my partner discovered this while sealing a HUGE collage of printed art. what a waste. although in his case, there were some fortunate accidents... fading and bleeding that looked super trippy.


Hey you can also buy printable fabric, for labels, you just load it in the printer the same as paper, when your done, you iron it and wet it iron again, i then iron it to heat bond, cut them apart and iron them strait to my project they work great, do not fade and super fast and easy, cost about the same!!!

Manuela Matos

Bom Dia,

Gostaria de saber um orçamento para etiquetas apenas com o nome Maria Flor - Artesanato.
Gostaria que me informassem das quantidades minimas.


Manuela Matos

Sophia Aster

Thanks for sharing this! I've been looking into custom labels and also found that they are very expensive. This is a great alternative and I can't wait to give it a try.


Thanks for this tutorial. I have bookmarked a link on my stumbleupon blog for you.

Carole Hall

Thanks so much for the tutorial. I wouldn't have thought of doing this even though I have done 'T' shirts with the paper etc.

Thanks so much


Mark Conte

Just wondering if you could use a two way tape or glue on a roll, such as from 3M, to attach labels to non-washables? I'm a lampsahde manfacturer and only do OEM work. We're expanding and offering our own line of lampshades. Would love to have our own custom labels at a reasonable price. GREAT IDEA!


Can you apply the transfer to satin ribbon too?


Thank You so much, I have been going back and forth about what to do for labels for a little project I have decided to start, personalized ribbon, clothing labels...Like you my project isnt my full time job! Cute Tags!

amberstudios on Etsy.com

Thank you very much for sharing!
I'll try for sure.


I'm really impressed...I'll try to read it more in detail to see if I'm able to do something half as nice!
Please check my vintage stores!!


Custom Logo Design

great, i like it,
creating tags
very clever


Since I make baby stuff I like the ironing direct to the item, safer for babies. Love your tutorial, I am going to try this today!

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