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December 14, 2006



Your mom sounds like a hoot. A hoot with boat feet. She should send those size 12's to the gang on Lost. They could flag down a plane or ship with those big colorful pumps.


Colleen, I deeply resent that you have told the world that I wear a size 12-----please make a retraction immediately----I wear a size 11. Thank you in advance, Mommy


Colleen, I'm waiting.


LOL, I love the bag of his underwear!



Sharon Jackson

Size 12! Wow! And I was upset that since I got married and had 4 children within 5 years my feet have grown from a Size 8.5 to a Size 10. 10's aren't so bad afterall. BTW...does your Mom have more Doncaster fashions to get rid of?


I'm in love.

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